Old Baseball and Base in Dirt Infield

Blind Loyalty in Sports

What sports teams do you root for?


I have been a lifelong Cleveland Indians’ fan. I will root for them until I can no longer root for a sports team. I remember going to games my entire life. I grew up rooting for them, the Cavaliers, and the Browns. My dad, grandpa, and uncle are all Cleveland sports fans.

College Sports seem to be the worst with blind allegiance. People claim, “I was born in Mississippi so I’m an Ole Miss fan” or “There is only one team that matters, The Ohio State University”. These people did not go to these schools; they just happened to be born in that state and their parents rooted for those schools. Regional fandom seems based on a sense of superiority. “The area I grew up in is awesome and yours sucks, so I am better then you”. It just seems crazy at times.

Eric Simmons wrote on the psychology of sports fans “… your relationship with a sports team makes your brain think that the sports team is you, and you are me, and we are all together …”

People strive to be different from our parents as children. We want to break away and become our own person. But there is something about sports that have trapped our minds into loving something unconditionally and hating anything different.

Like Pittsburgh. That place sucks and the Penguins are terrible. Don’t mistake this for blind allegiance, it is fact. Ask anyone that loves hockey that isn’t a Pittsburgh fan.

We are all victims to this craze.