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Bring Back Couch CO-OP

Video games are like a playable novel. They allow a person to discover new worlds, explore a futuristic earth, or become a world class athlete. It is always nice to share these new experiences with someone else. Novels and movies are more enjoyable with the people around you.Video games are no different. It is always awesome having Mario Party parties or staying up all night to play Borderlands. While there are a few newer games that can be enjoyed two player locally, like FIFA or 7 Days To Die, it seems that game makers are neglecting couch co-op features.

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Modern multiplayer gameplay mostly consists of players running around in an arena setting, beating the crud out of each other. There seems to be no grand adventures or overly complex gameplay. I don’t enjoy online play all that much. Listening to children cry because everyone is a “cheater” (or grown adults that cry like children) sucks. Or you may have to deal with that person that is playing terrible, loud music. I know these people can be muted, but I shouldn’t have to sift though twenty people to find one person that may want to have a normal conversation. Couch co-op is a more enjoyable multiplayer experience.

Paul Tassi, a video game expert for Forbes, backs me up on the enjoyment of couch co-op and the sad nature of it disappearing. Check out his article, it is worth the read.

I know not every game makes sense to include a couch co-op feature, but the main story doesn’t have to be co-op. Splinter Cell: Blacklist has really enjoyable side missions that can be played locally. It adds to the overall story, but is not an integral part of the game. But it doesn’t make sense games like the latest Ghost Recon, Mass Effect, or For Honor (one of their selling points was local play then they scrapped that feature)  don’t include a local multiplayer option. All of these games have a group of characters on screen working simultaneously. Which is a perfect setup to allow other people to control these characters.  They would be a perfect fit for local play, but no. The studios act as if it would be to much work to include a local multiplayer feature.

We have the most advanced gaming systems in the world, yet game makers are leaving out a feature that is alienating some gamers.

Please bring back couch co-op to gaming.