Mature people in tug of war

Conflicting Ideologies

I find it fascinating how we act out similar scenarios in different video games. I feel like I have conflicting ideologies when I play games.

When I play inFamous I always choose to go the dark path. I feel it is hard to sympathize with others and I should use my new powers for my own good. I should look out for myself. When I play Fallout, I generally give people the benefit of the doubt and try to help out as many people as possible. It seems really odd to me I play this way.

In one game, I become the bad guy. I don’t take others into consideration; I do only things for my gain. In the other, I try to help everyone. Even if I suspect someone is lying or trying to double-cross me, I will do what they ask and try to help.

I talked about in another post how I would side with the Dark Side over the Jedi in Star Wars. In Skyrim, I always side with the Empire. In Mass Effect, I want everyone to live. I don’t think humans should move in and be ahead of the galactic console. In the first series of Mass Effect games, we are newcomers to space,  so we should be trying to strengthen friendships, not take over the governing body.

In reality I think I am a very accepting person. I feel everyone should truly be free to do what they want. People should strive to get along with everyone around them. I don’t tend to side with the government on a lot of topics. There are too many times they try to regulate what they don’t understand. Many governments try to control too much of bodies and minds.

The more I reflect on this, maybe it’s a good thing I am not in a position of power. In Mass Effect and Fallout, I am an outsider in a new world. I need to fit in and help people to be accepted. In Skyrim and inFamous, I have power. I have no need to help people if it is not in my best interest; I only look out for myself. Maybe that is the type of politician I would be.

Let’s all give thanks I am not a politician then, shall we?