Head shape made out of little cogwheels.

Creative Mind

I have so many projects I want to do. I want to create mobile applications and games, I want to start a YouTube channel, and I want to write a book. Nothing is really stopping me from doing any of these things, but yet I have only brainstormed these ideas.

What is stopping me? Rejection is stopping me. I am so worried about people’s perception of me and my content. I know you should do these things for the joy of doing them, but I want to create content that others will enjoy. The rejection of no one liking my book or app has me terrified to start any of these projects.

As I look through all of these different blogs during NaBloPoMo, it gives me strength and energy to pursue these goals. This month has helped open up my creative mind. I have spent too much time not pursuing my own aspirations. Playing the Sims, you always try to get your sim as happy as possible. Well, why don’t I do that for myself?

I hope everyone here reaches their goals this month and beyond. I am not sure why you took on this challenge of blogging this month, but I think I have found my reason: to open my mind and give me confidence to complete my creative goals.