Fantasy forest

Fantasy Universe

If you could live in a fictional universe would you?

Not live in that universe, but be a major role player. Be a main character in a place like the Lord of the Rings, Marvel, DC, or Star Wars universes.

I have always been drawn to fantasy stories. I have been reading the R. A. Salvatore Drizzit series for years, seen all the Marvel movies/ Marvel Netflix shows, and love listening to Star Wars audio books. The child in me has always dreamed of being a main character in these worlds.

If I had a choice of which universe I would live in, I would live in the Star Wars Universe. I wouldn’t be a Jedi though, I would end up becoming a Sith. I think Darth Clouse has a nice ring to it. I never felt a connection or affinity for the Jedi. I like how the Sith fight with passion and allow their people to be themselves, not hide from their emotions. Jedi are emotionless robots. They are not allowed to have a life, family, power, or ambition. The Sith speak to me. Darth Bane explains their code in his trilogy and it has really changed my views of the Sith and has helped lure me to them.

Peace is a lie. There is only Passion.
Through Passion I gain Strength.
Through Strength I gain Power.
Through Power I gain Victory.
Through Victory my chains are Broken.
The Force shall free me.

(I know I am admitting I would be a bad guy. Does that make me a bad person?)

If you could live in a fantasy universe what would you pick?