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Favorite Songs

Someone recently asked me what my top three songs are. This question really froze me. I quizzically looked at them and told them I will have to get back with them. I could not answer right away.I listened to my saved music that I listen to on a daily basis and tried to pick out three songs that I will never get tired of. These are in no particular order, but I think I have narrowed it down.

You Look Like I Need a Drink/ Turn Those Clapping Hands into Angry Balled Fist – Against Me! Not so much the first half of this song, but the second speaks to me on a mental level.  Sometimes the mundane grind of daily life just puts me into a mood. I think that is why I turn to music, books, and video games. It gives a reprieve to the daily grind.


I Want to Conquer the World – Bad Religion This is how I feel. This world has gone a bit crazy and a serious political, religious, and ideological reform needs to happen. I have no faith for our political system here in the U.S.. Major change and reform is needed before this will ever be the “Land of the Free’ like they claim.

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A Moment of Silence – Streetlight Manifesto Not until I started to figure out who I was and stop trying to fit in with everyone around me did I feel happy, accepted, and start to feel like I mattered. This song reaches out to all of those who have never fit in, never felt like they belonged.


At the moment these three songs can be found on my queue of songs. What special songs do you listen to on a daily basis?