Angry cat

Frustrating Blog Day

I have been racking my brain on what to write about today.

It hasn’t been a rough day, just an odd one. It’s storming, I worked this morning, I am watching the MLS playoffs and impatiently awaiting for The Walking Dead. Nothing out of the ordinary.

When agreeing to take on this NaBloPoMo challenge I was unsure how hard this was going to be. I knew near the middle of the month I was going to have a difficult time coming up with ideas, but how am I drawing a blank this early into the challenge?

I have read a bunch of different material on how to fight writers block, but I haven’t been able to come up with anything to help. I know the passion to write is there. None of my ideas are turning into a coherent thought on paper. I had the idea to start this blog awhile ago but i felt it was turning into a second job, not something I wanted to do for fun. I put a lot of pressure on myself to put out award winning material that would break the Internet. I find myself getting frustrated and that makes me even more frustrated and it is effecting my thinking. It can be a vicious cycle.

I hope everyone is having a successful NaBloPoMo and I will have to give it another go tomorrow.

I am open to any suggestions that people use to help fight days like today.

  1. 7 November 2017

    I had a similar day already, so used it as an excuse to explain why I don’t edit my blog and why people shouldn’t expect much from my NaBloPoMo posts (I decided to do the challenge this year on Nov 1st, so there was NO planning!). As far as I’m concerned, the quality bar is a bit lower this month, and that’s ok!

    • 7 November 2017

      @Listic Publishing

      I have also taken a step back from trying to put out perfect content. I was getting so wrapped up in trying to be great I was creatively suffering from it.