Hockey Time

Hockey is Back!!!

It’s officially October and hockey is here. I am excited to see what happens this season. I’m going to start this my saying the disclaimer *I love the Blue Jackets. I was so happy they finally won a playoff series. It was a long time in the making. With that said, I pay a lot of attention to the Metro division. In case you missed it here are some notes and things that happened this off season.

Carolina was a surprise team last year and I hope they can improve this year. Goaltending seems to be the one piece they can’t nail down.  Their new white jerseys are so clean. The Blue Jackets lost a lot of great players. I am happy for Bobrovsky and I hope he plays well in Florida. I think a it was time for a change for him and CBJ. They both needed to see what they have outside of each other’s company. The Blue Jackets are going to have a young team and it will be interesting to see if they can contend in the Metro. Jersey made some moves and a big one was signing P.K. He should help with scoring and take some presser off their offensive players like Taylor Hall.

Barry Trotz turned the Isles around. I cannot believe that Washington let him walk after winning Stanley. Their new stadium looks beautiful and is set to open in a couple of years. The Rangers were busy this off season and adding Bread to their lineup instantly makes them better. I hope he has a good year. I still don’t get why people were so surprised he wanted to go there. I’d live in NYC if I could. Philly opened up this “New City Terrace” in Wells Fargo Center. That looks like a rad place to watch a hockey game. The Konecny extension seems to be a good move. I think they got him at a bargain. The Pens actually moved Kessel! Can I say it was both surprising and not? I think Washington is going to try win the Metro again, but kinda like Pittsburgh, age has to catch up to them. The core of that bunch has been together for a long time. They aren’t all Tom Brady, they have to age eventually.


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At season’s end the standings will looking like:

  1. Islanders 2. Pittsburgh 3. Carolina 4. Rangers (WC1) 5. Washington 6. Philly 7. Columbus 8. Jersey


I hope that isn’t how it goes, but that’s just my uneducated guess. It doesn’t really matter what I think, I just know it is hockey time again.