Cleveland, Ohio, USA Skyline

I Love the Cleveland Indians

Like the title says, I love the Cleveland Indians. While I believe hockey is the best sport out there, baseball will always have a special, sore, spot in my heart.

Growing up in Northeast Ohio, just outside of Canton, summer was dominated by the Indians. There was nothing better than watching the teams from the 90s. Some of my favorite memories were centered around the Indians: I wanted to hit like Albert Belle and Jim Thome; play shortstop like Omar Vizquel; or command the game like Sandy Alomar Jr. I was not gifted to ever play like those titans, but a kid can dream.

Eddie Murray, Kenny Lofton, Charles Nagy, and Manny Ramirez, those were the kings of children’s fantasies.

Cleveland fans know some heartache as well, including three World Series losses in recent memory. All three seem like they happened in different ways, yet still sting. In 1995, they met a pitching staff any team would love to have; 1997 was an extra inning nightmare; and 2016 was one rain delay away from history being made. Well, history was made, just not one I care to remember.

The love Cleveland and N.E. Ohio have for their Indians has never wavered. 2016 was a year I will never forget thanks to Corey Kluber‘s brilliance, drone accidents, a 14 game winning streak, and a trip to the World Series.

As the 2017 season is upon us, I feel like a child again. Nothing is better than baseball in the summer. This year feels special. As a Cleveland fan you try not to let your hopes get too high, but this just feels right.

Go Tribe!!

Andrew Clouse via