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New Computer Blues

I have to come out say it, I am a technology whore. If there is a new piece of technology out, I want it. I have to have it. It eats away at me knowing that there is something out there better than what I am currently using. With that being said, I recently decided that I wanted to upgrade my computer from the cheap little laptop. After unboxing and getting all the cables and cords in place I was ready to power-up. I was elated to start using my shiny new toy.


The excitement!

Opening a new piece of technology is such a wonderful thing. It reminds me of Christmas time as a child. There is such wonder and joy and hope for the future. You know you will do great things with this new computer.

Then the fear kicked in!


Joy turned to sorrow as I am sitting there starting at a blank tab on my internet browser. Where do I start? Do I know remember what I was using before? I was devastated. I logged into my browser hoping my favorites would migrate, then I realized I never logged in on my old computer.

I made a list of everything I thought I needed. I started to regret using a fingerprint or iris scan to log into everything on my phone. The ease of technology has made this fun day turn into a painstaking one quickly. But I think I was successful and haven’t forgotten anything, for now.

Just a word of advice when you are switching to a new phone, computer,  tablet, or gaming console write down your log in info. If you aren’t prepared this moment of joy will quickly turn against you.

While using my new computer it made me stop and realize how far technology has come in my life time. I was at work the other day watching hockey highlights on my phone during lunch. I know it is not a big thing, but I feel like it should blow my mind every time I do this. I have a small device that fits into my pocket that I can call, email, text, play games, watch movies, and watch live television. It is completely insane to think about.

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  1. 4 November 2017

    YES. trying to remember passwords is a daily struggle. even when i write it down on paper (and place in a secure spot), if i don’t remember to update that piece of paper when a password expires, then i’m back to square one.