Brave soldier with gas mask walking in a post atomic landscape

Surviving an Apocalypse 

When watching The Walking Dead or playing 7 Days to Die, I always start to wonder how I would fare in an apocalypse. I’m not just talking about a zombie apocalypse but any apocalyptic setting.

Everyone says go for the guns, THE GUNS!!! I am not going near a store that sells weapons, that’s where all the crazies are going to be. There are two places I’d loot before I got out-of-town.

The first would be a library/book store. Being an aircraft mechanic, I would say I am a fairly handy person but there are still a lot of things I do not know. I would look for any “how to” book I could get my hands on. I have never successfully grown a garden and being able to produce food would become essential.

It seems in most apocalyptic shows and movies doctors and nurses are everywhere. I wouldn’t count on running into a world-class doctor around every corner.  So, I would also be looking for medical books. Books on smithing and weapons-making would give you the knowledge to make shovels, axes, knives, and possibly even gunsmithing. The last books I would like to find would deal with making some sort of power-cell or solar charged battery. It is not like the internet and power grids are going to last forever. I would try to create a library of useful information.

The second store I’d hit would be an eye doctor. I am blind without my glasses or contacts. I would die in mere minutes from running into a giant hole or cutting myself on some object I didn’t see. It would not be awarded a noble death, it would be an ironic, sad fate. I might not be able to find my prescription, but I should be able to find something close that would help a little. Over 50% of the population wears corrective lenses. This would give me a commodity that a lot of people wouldn’t think of. This would give me a form of currency that I could trade for other goods.

After hitting up the library and eye doctor, I’m heading for the hills. A nice cabin in the Blue Ridge or Smokey Mountains sounds nice. There seems to be plenty of places to disappear out there and I’d have all the books I could read and have a way to read them.

  1. 12 November 2017

    I didn’t think of the library, that is a great idea.. On my reading list is When All Hell Breaks Loose, by Cody Lundin. I should probably read it sooner than later. I have saved all my backpacking gear for this reason, also. Spare glasses would be a must.. 🙂